A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


by Yames

This game was made for GIANT ROM 4.

Move the mouse cursor to adjust the angle of Rorie's head.

Use the A key to move his head left.

Use the D key to move his head right.

Left click to suck in puppies. You can only suck in so many before Rorie's mouth fills up.

Right click to "chomp" the puppies. This will clear your mouth and add to your score.

Puppies with brown fur are worth 10 points.

Puppies with black fur are worth 20 points.

Puppies with white fur are worth 40 points.

There is a multiplier power-up that spawns randomly. If you suck that up,

it will increase the rate at which the puppies spawn. It goes away though, so grab it quick!

Thank you so much for playing my game!



Matt Rorie Simulator.rar 24 MB
mattroriesimulator.zip 46 MB